Wooden trusses

Wooden trusses

The use of wooden trusses is another know-how from Europe. These structures are tailor-made for each building to greatly accelerate and simplify the roof installation directly on-site. Since the roof does not have steel components, it is more lightweight and much cheaper.

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  • Монтажная область 9 50+ years’ service life and excellent performance
  • Монтажная область 13 Fire resistant structure R30 fireproof rating
  • Монтажная область 20 Fire resistant properties maintained up to 20 years as certified by EMERCOM
  • Монтажная область 15 Withstanding local snow and wind loads
  • Монтажная область 2 Load-bearing capacity of wooden trusses equals that of metal or concrete
  • Монтажная область 5 Quick mounting enables all year round construction
  • Монтажная область 17 Low load on bearing walls and foundations
  • Монтажная область 19 Compliance with Russian regulations and standards
  • Монтажная область 14 Architectural design flexibility no intermediate supports needed in buildings of up to 30 meters wide

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