Precast concrete wall panels

Precast concrete wall panels

Wall panels are designed to serve as load-bearing walls. With relatively light foundation and precast panels, construction can run in any season with no concrete heating required. Precast slabs and panels allow for LEGO-like assemblage of silage trenches. Buildings made of precast concrete components have a longer service life than cast structures.


  • Ресурс 3 Perfectly even surface with minimal pores and cracks
  • Монтажная область 18 копия 2 reinforcement meshes ensure structural robustness
  • Монтажная область 14 All-the-year-round construction
  • 6.00 Build 0) --> Монтажная область 16 копия 2 Reusable slabs
  • Монтажная область 17 копия 2 U-channels ensure easy and quick installation of wall panels
  • Монтажная область 9 20+ years’ service life
  • Монтажная область 4 Waterproofing agents protect concrete from acid infiltration

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