Manure slabs

Manure slabs

Manure slabs are meant to ensure comfortable movement of animals in a cowshed. Slabs with notches are designed in cooperation with leading European and Russian livestock producers to give animal hooves a perfect grip on the surface. Another notch is made in the center of each slab to accommodate scraper ropes or chains and maintain integrity of concrete in operation.


  • Монтажная область 7 Anti-slip notches and rough surface prevent animal injuries
  • Монтажная область 19 копия Central notches for scraper chains prevent slab surface wear
  • 20+ years’ service life
  • Waterproofing agents protect concrete from ammonia infiltration
  • " Монтажная область 14 " All-the-year-round construction
  • " Монтажная область 3 " 150 mm thick slabs are highly robust and resistant to deformation

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