Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are perfect to build storage facilities and roads that should be capable of carrying heavy machinery and other large loads. Factory-made concrete is strong enough to rule out any surface damage from precipitation or temperature drops and makes slabs extremely durable. The technology is very cost efficient as it is simple and enables easy installation, maintainability and reusability of its structural components.


  • Монтажная область 20 копия No surface damage from temperature changes or precipitation
  • Монтажная область 16 копия 2 Reusable slabs
  • Монтажная область 9 20+ years’ service life
  • Монтажная область 2 High load-bearing capacity to carry heavy machinery and feeds
  • Монтажная область 11 Easy maintainability
  • Монтажная область 3 150 mm thick slabs are highly robust and resistant to deformation
  • Монтажная область 4 Waterproofing agents protect concrete from acid infiltration
  • Монтажная область 14 All-the-year-round construction

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