«Euro Slats», LLC has made a real breakthrough on Russian market of special construction elements for industrial pig production.

In 2005 the first jolting tables were put into operation. Since then we have shipped more than one million square meters of concrete slats to a hundred clients from all regions of Russia and the majority of them have become our long-term partners.

In 2006 the first production system made by Humarbo, a leading manufacturer of machinery for concrete elements production from Netherlands, was installed. Several months later a highly productive concrete mixing and batching plant made by Wiggert, Germany, was bought.

In 2007 «Euro Slats» started producing boundary elements for fattening sites which could only be imported earlier.

In 2008 the range of concrete slats standard sizes was expanded and now includes 3 meter long slats which allow to save time and resources while using poured concrete foundations.

In 2009 due to doubling our production capacities and expanding the shipping area our company started using railway transport to supply customers.

In 2010 we started producing concrete wall panels. Later a new production system was installed for manufacturing a range of sandwich panels.

Today the company is definitely one of the Russian leaders in manufacturing construction elements for industrial pig production.

The production area of «Euro Slats», LLC is more than 10 000 square meters. Our products include concrete beams, concrete slats, internal boundaries, sandwich panels and wooden trusses. Our hi-tech equipment allows producing up to 2 000 square meters of elements per day and our assortment includes about a hundred items.

Our products are manufactured according to European technology and certified to comply with Russian standards.

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